Stainless Steel Surface treatment

Surface treatments applied to stainless steel can take many forms. The main finishes are described below.

DescriptionASTMEN 10088-2Notes
Hot rolled11E/1DA comparatively rough, dull surface produced by hot rolling to the specified thickness, followed by annealing and descaling.
Cold rolled2D2DA dull, cold rolled finish produced by cold rolling to the specified thickness, followed by annealing and descaling. May also be achieved by a final light pass on dull rolls.
Cold rolled2B2BA bright, cold rolled finish commonly produced in the same way as No. 2D finish, except that the annealed ans descaled sheet receives a final cold roll pass on polished rolls. This is a general-purpose cold rolled finish and is more readily polished than No. 1 or No. 2D
Bright annealedBA2RBA finish produced by performing bright annealing in an inert atmosphere after cold rolling. Smoother and brighter than No. 2B.
Brushed or polishedNo. 41J/2JA general-purpose bright polished finish obtained by finishing with a 120-150 mesh abrasive, following initial grinding with coarser abrasives.
Satin polished (matt)No. 61K/2KA soft satin finish having lower reflectivity than brushed finish. It is produced by using a medium abrasive.
Bright polished (mirror)No. 81P/2PThe most reflective finish commonly produced. It is obtained by polishing with successively fined abrasives then buffing with a very fine buffing compound.
Electropolished--This surface is produced by electrolysis in an electrolytic solution. This electrochemical process improves the surface finish.